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Moving Natural History Museums


We are creating a series of choreographic audio guides which move the listener through different museum sites and invite the visitor to interact with the museum through spatial awareness of all present bodies. 

Send out a Pulse!

Australian Museum

Send Out A Pulse! is a movement-intensive audiowalk and the first in our ongoing series.

You, a human, are alive. Like all other organisms you inhabit a sensory world full of motion.  

Travel through the museums’ stories of taxidermy- the preservation of animal bodies.  Walk, listen, smell, whistle, lie, crouch and crawl through the different floors of the museum.

Send Out A Pulse! was featured in 2018 on the Australian Museum’s app and will coincide with future event based programming. You are free to download the audio guide on this website, but please keep in mind that the  walk is not currently part of the official programming of the museum and you participate at your own risk. Please be mindful of the museum infrastructure and other visitors.

This walk was designed to be played from the beginning of  Chapter 1 through to Chapter 5 using a pair of quality headphones.

Duration: 63 minutes

Sound Design/Composition: Trevor Brown

  1. Breathing Dust
  2. A Meeting Point for Scents
  3. Weaving Connections
  4. Towards an Endling
  5. Powder